alexis nexus

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Guilty Pleasures?

I thought I might start us off by asking about something that has been sort of knawing at me of late: The whole ethical conundrum of 'doing all one can' for various causes, while still enjoying one's own life.

Here's my thought--Does anybody else feel (sometimes) like some/all very 'normal' pleasures that one partakes in are really guilty pleasures, in the sense that while I'm enjoying reading comics (or blogging!) or whatever, there are people I could be helping who don't even have a place to live, etc. Is there a way to be good to others and good to oneself without being hypocritical about it?

Last night I bought a burrito and some guacamole and then a man outside the taqueria asked if I had any change. No sir, I said, and moved on. I could, next time I want a burrito, buy stuff and make it myself (or make something else cheaper) and donate to that guy or a person like him what I saved, for instance. Simple example, but it cuts to the heart of my experience.

What say y'all?