alexis nexus

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Creating Meaning

I know that none of us has enough time to write here--and, to reflect that, I'm curious what y'all think about the whole idea of 'making meaning' in life. Lex is almost done with her PhD, Steve's teaching and has a coolio family...these things are huge goals that y'all (at some point) set for yourselves and are now finding yourselves achieving.

How does that feel? Is there any sort of meaning in life apart from picking these things to do and doing them?

One of the reasons I ask is that I think that my 'meaning creation' engine has mostly been set to recognize what *not* to persue as meaningful (i.e, for me, God, buying a home, getting hitched are all things I've sort of wanted to not persue), whereas I see most other people as thinking about this stuff 'more positively'.